[white coffee is right the lady’s advantage] – of benefit of _ female _

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The coffee of white coffee is familial a kind in the center, white coffee is not coffee present a white color, however when passing, coffee beans is to pass microtherm to carbonadoLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Bake, of perfect reservation the fragrance of coffee, and mouthfeel is exceeding bright slips exquisite. White coffee is belonged to is one kind has special local characteristic, more important is after drinking white coffee, not allow easy get angry, also won’t appear to feel hot and drily, did not spur action to gastric bowel.

 White coffee is right the lady's advantage

White coffee is right the lady’s advantage

1.White coffee contains acid of free fatty acid, caffein, Dan Ning to wait for nutrient composition, nicotine is embedded vitaminic B, and the coffee beans that bake crosses is morer than giving birth to coffee beans content.

2. white coffee can promote the function of metabolization, loose peptic, improve the skin coarse. In addition, use coffee pink bathes is a kind of tepid therapeutics, make send thermal current sweat all over and achieve the result that reduce weight.

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. White coffee can make liver or kidney loose rise, the aldehyde that transform alcohol and comes oxidizes quickly, decompose outside eliminating put oneself in another’s position into water and carbon dioxide, have the function that separates alcoholic drink.

4. white coffee can promote cardiac function, make haemal circulation smooth, oxygen of quickly supply whole body and nutrient, outside and help liver treating form of eduction of kidney of by of the trash inside body. This kind promotes the function of metabolization, can eliminate exhaustion effectively, and have long life-giving effect.

 White coffee is right the lady's advantage

Drink the disadvantage of coffee

1.Chaos is increased when insecurity

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Alertness, sensitivity, memory reachs concentrated force. But drinkable the coffee that is used to drinkable quantity usually than you more than, can produce similar edible a shot in the arm of same dose, can cause neurosis. maladjusted to tendency angst person, coffeine can bring about control to sweat, palpitation, tinnitus these symptoms are more exasperate.

 White coffee is right the lady's advantage

2.Aggravate hypertension

Coffeine has some acetanilide effect because of itself, often synthesize compound with other and simple aconite, but, a large number of for a long time taking, if your itself already had high blood pressure when, use a large number of caffein to be able to make your situation more tight onlyFall in love with the sea

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Heavy. Because light is,coffeine can make blood pressure rises, if plus mood insecurity, the photograph that can produce dangerous sex takes the effect, accordingly, hypertensive dangerous crowd should avoid to drink the beverage that contains coffeine when actuating pressure is great especially. Some have the person that drinks coffee habit all the year round, think they are right the effect of coffeineLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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If really already immunity, however the fact is not such, one considers to show, after drinking a cup of coffee, the time with elevatory blood pressure can be as long as 12 hours.

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