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Abalone is to belong to food of a kind of shellfish, its sort has 5 kinds, it is motley abalone and Bao Hai of half grain abalone and ovine Bao and ear respectively have furrow dish Bao. Abalone also is at the same time a kind very rare feed capable person, so its price also compares on the high side, abalone has the effect that enhances power of human body immunity, OK still and two-way sex adjusts the blood pressure of human body, the practice is very diversiform also, so what does the practice of fish of hemp hot Xiaobao have?

 The practice of fish of hemp hot Xiaobao

The first, what does the practice of fish of hemp hot Xiaobao have? Prepare all sorts of condiment and raw material. Dry chili cuts a part, green is abluent cut paragraph, section of ginger, garlic. Abalone is abluent, brush black film and housing face with tooth brush, can take out abalone meat. Abalone uses boiled water quick-boil 2 minutes first antiseptic, water stays reserve. After fish out comes, come to fleshy winkle, again take out of the intestines from the back, silt, cut beautiful knife. Go lazy word also butForum of Shanghai night net

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Minim salt and cooking wine, mix divide evenly, pile up flavour half hours. Oil of right amount vegetable is entered inside boiler, burn to eight maturity, put abalone to mix even housing together Chinese prickly ash, break up fry. Next rejoin ginger garlic piece, fry a fragrance. Join right amount unripe smoke, after the tasty that fry divide evenly, join minim to often smoke chromatically. Join ice finallyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Candy and dry chili section, melt to rock candy, and boil in water for a while gives chili taste. Enter fishy smell of a few cooking wine purify. Join green finally paragraph, break up fry a few times, after giving sweet smell, can remove boiler to install dish. Green vegetables is good with boiled water quick-boil reserve. Put abalone in green vegetables first among, beautiful1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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On grain face, drench again on juice can.

 The practice of fish of hemp hot Xiaobao

The 2nd, the biology active material that element of a kind of Bao Ling be callinged can collect in abalone meat, The experiment makes clear, it can enhance immune power, destroy process of cancer cell metabolization, can raise curb tumour rate, do not harm the normal cell of airframe however, have the effect that protects airframe immunity system. Abalone of bowel of embellish of regulate the menstrual function can two-way sex adjusts blood pressure, the reason is abalone can ” raise kidney of shade, smooth liver, solid ” , can adjust adrenal secrete. Abalone has interest of regulate the menstrual function, moisten the respiratory tractShanghai night net

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Alvine effect, can treat menstruation to be not moved, the disease such as defecate constipate suffers from. Promote grow development abalone contains rich vitamin, what compare outstanding among them is vitamin A, vitamin A is protective skin be good at1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Health, eyesight health and enhance immune power, promote grow the crucial nutriment of development.

 The practice of fish of hemp hot Xiaobao

What does the practice of fish of hemp hot Xiaobao have? abalone hull, wash clean place dish put the evaporate in a pot for steaming food 5 minutes, good evaporate abalone teem is put in the bowl, enter soy vinegar white sugar next. Oil is put in boiler, put anise of chili of Chinese prickly ash, boil oil very hot irrigate go up in abalone can.

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