[from ” crow ” to ” phoenix ” need 5 steps only] –

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Type of gem gal crow, sanskrit: Kakasana; English: Crow Pose; Yoga of exercise crow type can let the softness that the body changes, exercise the waist, foot, handSea otter phoenix is talked onNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The force of wrist and arm, maintain systemic centre of gravity to go up at two tactics, can stimulate abdominal muscle and chest muscleFall in love with the sea

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The balance ability chime of the person that review moves capacity.

From " crow " to " phoenix " need 5 steps only (1)

Gem gal practices corvine type method:

1, two legs are opened a little, bipod needle and knee touchdown fall on his knees, hip falls on calcaneal, the upper part of the body is erect, both hands is put on ham;

2, raise double genu, body pitch, extend both hands to make the same score put on the ground, two elbow bend, the inside of double genu should stick two the upper arm outside side, as far as possible the axillary point that approachs you;

3, inspiratory, curve a god ahead, core drops on two tactics, let bipod leave the area, double genu inside is close1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Clingy live the upper arm, use both hands to poise;

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