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Exercise chest muscle to be able to make bosom muscle more perfect, to the male, look at sexier also, to a lot of males, hope between gymnastical process oneself have perfect chest muscle. Want to achieve perfect chest muscle, exercise methodological side, must notice somewhat, often can use dumbbell to comeShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Take exercise, additional and tensile implement it is exceedingly important also to use, also want to pay attention to dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food at ordinary times, this conduces to the growth of musculature.

 6 movements with experienced best chest muscle

1, the first type: Flat dumbbell flyer

Exercise place:

BosomFall in love with the sea

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The side outside big muscle 

Gymnastical effect: Exercise the muscle of bosom well, can let pectoralis major become more strong, strong, sarcous of can exciting bosom grows. Practice group of number: 3~5 group, every groups of 8~12 

Clew: In the begining canShanghai noble baby

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Use lighter dumbbell weight, so that master behavioral essentials, hold the fixed point of view of double ancon small turn, transfer to a lower level arrives tool back plane can, when be being lifted on, resemble hugging a large tree same, not be to go up continuously1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Fall continuously, along certain radian choose, experience the drawing of chest muscle and systole. When hair force opens double arm, breathe outShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Angry; When the movement restores to loosen, inspiratory.

2, the 2nd type: Tensile implement crossed clip bosom

Exercise place:

 6 movements with experienced best chest muscle

Bottom pectoralis major, mid chest muscle 

Gymnastical effect: Effect of this movement hyperaemia is apparent, measure much time with weight, maintain double ancon small turn, lower his head to contain a bosom, behavioral acme squashs hard chest muscle. Practice group of number: 4~6 group, every group 20

3, the 3rd type: Butterfly machine flyer

Exercise place:

Seam in chest muscle 

Clew: Straight arm is better than result of groovy the action that bend an arm. Sit on stool, unbend double arm. Boxing eye is forward, small arm is touched block brachial board. So double arm can be before the bosom across, extent nature is more than the movement that bend an arm. 1-2 holds to when alternate double arm second, peak is contractive. With be opposite as far as possible chest muscle is close in seam place undertake extruding, force its: “Stand ” rise. Practice group of number: 3~5 group, every groups 8~12

4, the 4th type: Go up inclined dumbbell choose

Exercise place:

Upside pectoralis major.  

Clew: Dumbbell does not have horizontal bar to restrict namely than barbell advantage, pectoralis major of OK and sufficient drawing, those who notice not to want transfer to a lower level is too low, lest pull injury chest muscle. This exercise is put in front to do, because free weight needs beautiful very big energy. Inclined board angle control is spent in 30-45 between, the pressure of toe-int of pairs of point of view is too old deltoid is greater also, can affect the hair force of chest muscle. Practice group of number: 3~5 group, every groups 8~12

5, the 5th type: Next inclined dumbbell lie push

Exercise place:

Bottom pectoralis major.  

Clew: Dumbbell or barbell transfer to a lower level arrive nethermost is costal two side, do not put pectoralis major the place intermediate, lest give a shoulder articulation,create pressure. Practice group of number: 3~5 group, every groups 8~12

6, the 6th type: Barbell or dumbbell flat lie push

Exercise place:

 6 movements with experienced best chest muscle

Make whole bosom surround degree.  

Gymnastical effect: Stimulate bosom muscle effectively, can make bosom muscle fuller, fruity; Double arm bent also strengthened brachial ministry muscle to take exercise at the same time. Practice group of number: 3~5 group, every groups of 8~12.

Clew: If use barbell criterion,grasp the key that is apart from stimulation differently to also differ. Than the shoulder slightly narrow exercise mid pectoralis major, be the same as with the shoulder wide exercise whole chest muscle, a bit wider than the shoulder the side outside exercising chest muscle, again wide word emphasizes particularly on namely after exercising deltoid bundle. The body lies on his back be on smooth stool or on footplate when, keep dangerous from beginning to end waist, quiteNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Bosom, elbow height and smooth stool level, big arm and truncal included angle are controlled into 90 degrees. Undertake in the movement in, expiratory when, hair force up choose; Inspiratory when, control dumbbell or barbell divide evenly fast whereabouts.

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