[_ of law of compound of extensive of postpartum basin bottom recovers how to be done by postpartum basin] –

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A lot of females are longing to give birth to the child earlier when be pregnant, the child is expecting after giving birth to the child this morning full moon. Although say the female is producing the body to go up to get understanding, but because the body can produce very big change for production, the pelvis in producing a course for example opens ability enough natural labor entirely only. What how postpartum basin rehabilitation does say to puerperas postpartum basin restores methodological _ below.

_ of law of compound of extensive of postpartum basin bottom recovers how to be done by postpartum basin

One, what does postpartum basin bottom restore to train a method to have?

1 vertical takes exercise. Stand, double leg differential leaves, contractive muscle of two side hip, made look hold something under the arm, form huckle to draw close, turn outside genu ministry, contract next constrictor, the direction that makes vaginal upgrade is carried is moved, take exercise through patience, can learn to distinguish the vagina and anal constrictor easy shrinks, improve the vagina flabby condition, the clip that raises the vagina shrinks function, jie shrinks with mastering the easy when spouse of the same branch of a family ability, make sexual life harmonious, happy.

2. pelvis muscle is compressed. Adopt the posture that sit or lies, back upgrade is pushed to ahead, as if be like the motion when can banning make water general. When doing this systole to move, 4 several, breathe with the pose that lying, then restorable. Repeat make this motion 6 times.

_ of law of compound of extensive of postpartum basin bottom recovers how to be done by postpartum basin

3. ascendant motion. Imagine pelvic muscle is like an elevator. The muscle of taut back and its ahead, seem to close the door of elevator closelyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Same. Then, the imagination rises it to 2 buildings same, muscle closes to be tightened more more, till the biggest limit till, put down slowly again next. Want to be certainly inside this time, you live without screen gas. Drive pelvic muscle, just like elevator falls to basement general, make your itself can feel pelvic sarcous moves more can enough capacity. But, when also wanting to be finished in you certainly, want upgrade to push, rise by basement like elevator to first floor same.

2, does this how long undertake pelvic heart muscle practices?

When 1. begins to do pelvic heart muscle to practice, you can divide muscle of heart of second exercise pelvis in a day. As you sarcous increases ceaselessly, you can increase every graduallySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The time that the day practices, lengthen tighten up time of pelvic bottom sarcous every time. You can be done 3 times everyday, practice 3 ~ every time 4 groups, every groups 10.

2. lets pelvic heart muscle practice making the one part that you live, daily do surely: Awake in the morning in you for instance when, when you watch TV and before sleeping, you can have a practice. Want to insist to be done only, without giving thought to you when or bone is made in where1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Basin heart muscle practices be no problem.

_ of law of compound of extensive of postpartum basin bottom recovers how to be done by postpartum basin

Good, above is today small make up the entire content that shares with everybody, hope everybody looks to be able to acquire a few little knowledge. Come always1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Say, postpartumFall in love with the sea

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The method that rehabilitate of postpartum basin bottom trains mom is more stillLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, and a lot of training can be finished in the home, say so, expensive still holding to, ability sees good effect quite.

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