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Article introduction

We know what often have the body to take exercise can let us become more healthy, and still have reduce weight very well thin body and the action that enhance immune power, but the method that moves in our daily life is to a lot of is plant, equipment of a few exercise can help us achieve the result of better athletic fitness, the gain that fitness of sanitarian exercise equipment realizes together below

The advantage of fitness of sanitarian exercise equipment

Health care moves the advantage of equipment fitness

Develop muscle, growth force

Human body has skeletal flesh 639. 40 what the muscle weight of common man holds weight about. 45% , the woman is occupied about 35% . The organ of human body motion that waits for collective composition by muscle, skeleton and joint, ligament, make machine physical ability has all sorts of complex campaign. In other words, all sorts of motion that human body produces, result from the systole of skeletal flesh and extend.

Appliance fitness is optimal to a kind when muscle undertakes taking exercise method. Because regular the ground is engaged in appliance fitness, can make flesh fiber increases the blood capillary grow in quantity in thick, muscle, make sarcous physiology cross section increases thereby, make muscle more strong, plump, develop. Meanwhile, as a result of central nervous systematic adjustment functionary is improved, also can bring about muscle more able-bodied and strong. Not only such, appliance fitness still can promote skeletal metabolism, raise its to fight pressure, tension, fight torsional wait for function. In addition, to the growth of articulatory, ligament development also is having favorable stimulative effect.

Muscle is comprised by fine flesh fiber place. Flesh fiber is with flesh former fiber again form an unit basically. The flesh fine dimension of human body is in commonly after be born 4, 5 months came down surely, but flesh former fiber is relatively alterable however. In the process of appliance fitness, relapse and stimulate the basic composition material that can make flesh fiber medium strongly — protein synthesis increases. These protein can synthesize new flesh former fiber again, make thereby fleshForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Fiber is added thick, namely muscle piece increases.

Below common position, on the muscle cross section of every square millimeter only 30~270 blood capillary is open, the others all is in close condition. And when undertaking appliance takes exercise, will have amount to 3000 one 2000 blood capillary to open. Through a paragraph of longer training, the open blood capillary position in muscle is added than soaring greatly at ordinary times, coarsen plus flesh fiber, muscle nature can become develop and strong.

Promotional and healthy, eliminate adipose

Because be an unified whole all over, so each muscle is mixed other system is linked together cheek by jowl inside body. Regular the ground undertakes appliance fitness, the functional level that can raise circulatory system, respiratory system, digestion and central nervous system apparently, make the constitution is able to increase in the round thereby, healthy state is able to improve in the round.

Circulatory system is made by heart and blood-vessel. Pervade the blood in systemic blood-vessel carries oxygen and nutrient material to human body each parts, organize the cell again at the same time produce in the activityShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Raw waste material, outside shipping the place eduction system such as lung, kidney, skin. Appliance fitness can make heart antrum capacity increases not only, cardiac muscle and hemal flexibility increase, and can make systaltic force and hemal diastole ability rise. Carry out a proof, be engaged in the person of appliance fitness for a long time, minutely heartbeat can maintain between 60~70 take second place. And the heartbeat of average person is in more 70~9Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Between 0 take second place. Because palpitant frequency decreases, grow in quantity of heart breathing space, the reserve capacity that causes heart function rises greatly. See not hard from this, can bear the heart that raises greater burden amount, the mobile ability to raising human body and get used to ability, enhance metabolization function and immune power, have importantly effect.

Lung is the main organ of respiratory system, it and respiratory tract formed respiratory system jointly. Lung is formed by bronchus, blood-vessel and lobar flocculus. There are 100 4 pulmonary alveoluses on every lung flocculus. 5~7 is shared inside lung 100 million pulmonary alveolus. The person’s breath namely aeriform exchange is mixed in pulmonary alveolus just about the Mao Xi all round it1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Undertake between blood-vessel. Adult issues minutely breath 12~18 in quiet condition second, the oxygen of engulf makes an appointment with 0.2~0.3 to rise. The pulmonary alveolus that such workload needs 1/20 only opens business enough is finished. When fitness takes exercise, because vivid momentum increases, metabolization increases, consequently need supplies more oxygen. This breathes flesh with respect to the requirement more1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Add effectively systole, engulf more fresh oxygen, expiration more carbon dioxide. Appliance fitness is affected to breathing functionary, wearing what rise again is breathing deepness, just be ventilatory frequency next. Make the gas that breathes every time exchanges a quantity to increase so, be helpful for breathing flesh to rest already, the function that can improve respiratory system again is laid in, assure to satisfy the need that gas exchanges when motion thereby, raise the functional level of human body.

Appliance fitness also is having favorable effect to the digestion that comprises with digestive gland by enteron. Because want to use up much nutrient material when muscle activity, this complements in time with respect to need. In the meantime, muscle activity can promote gastric bowel peristalsis again, exciting digestive juice secretes grow in quantity, make digest and absorb ability to be able to rise thereby. Have a good appetite, natural appetite soars.

Appliance fitness is the same as all motion same, it is in central nervous system those who control next undertaking. Conversely, motion also can increase the intensity of central nervous system, balanced sex and flexibility. Many neurasthenic patients, be able to recover through appliance fitness namely.

Carry out a proof, motion and scientific food are to remove adipose optimal way.

When motion, the origin that human body supplies energy basically is candy is mixed adipose. Athletic rate is rapid, strength is great, duration is short, give priority to in order to use up candy; Athletic rate is slow, intensity is small, duration is long, in order to use up adipose give priority to. Consider to show, the motion of long, moderate strength, adipose for can can achieve human body oxidation to offer can the 40% above of gross. If you want to use appliance fitness to reduce weight, should follow negative charge only the training principle that light, time grows small, appliance, hold to a few months, can get very clear result necessarily.

Beautification bodily form, correctional and unbalanced

Beautiful bodily form is to show the scale with departmental body is well-balanced, harmonious with the balance. Look from the appearance, it is whole body and main muscle group line outline has reasonable curve. Genetics tells us, because the person’s height and limb scale suffer the effect of genetic gene, change unlikely, but the person’s weight and the bust that weight restricts, waistline, leg is surrounded, hip circumference can be changed. Of appliance fitness ” the biggest characteristic ” , the muscle that becomes type of build or figure to compose namely and adipose undertake ” sculpture ” . ThanFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Be like, the person of smooth shoulder wanted to develop deltoid practice only, shoulder is met wide, carry on humeral peak, bodily form also becomes much more well-balanced; The person with thorax stricture, compressed bosom, carry bosom flesh group training, pectoral outline can be increased, stereo feeling increases, bodily form nature can become thick and forceful; The person with double leg fine muscle, want to strengthen leg ministry training only, bodily form can become harmonious He Kuiwei. And those adipose accumulation are mixed in abdomen, hip the fat gentleman of huckle or fat young lady, want to insist to oxygen appliance trains only, clear line and lightsome body appearance are a kind of extravagant hopes no longer. While bodily form is improved, posture also can get beautification subsequently. The photograph that be like a station, sit the person that the alleged snake waist of the photograph pulls hip, want to pass the training of period of time only, posture of its body appearance can become naturally hold out a bosom to unplug back, travel sits upright square.

Be opposite namely above… the introduction, after passing understanding, we know the equipment of athletic fitness is varied, equipment of avery kind of can achieve the different result that recuperates the body, additionally we want to improve the body to always cannot do acuteness exercise through motion, must have the process of a successive.

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