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Article introduction

The zhongzi is the necessary cate of dragon boat festival, crossing dragon boat festival without people even is to eat delicate zhongzi, in the times in the past, the zhongzi is a kind very high-grade feed capable person, eat quite in ability of dragon boat festival only almost. And can eat a zhongzi everyday almost in the people in modern life, and the taste of the zhongzi is Protean, very much, for example lean lean zhongzi is people most one of zhongzis that love, Shanghai noble baby

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The way of lean lean zhongzi sees belowFall in love with the sea

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What to have with burden?

What do the practice of lean lean zhongzi and burden have?

Practice one:

The scrub after 1. Zong leaf immerses is clean, put caldron to boil about 10 minutes, cotton thread boils disinfection together.

2. polished glutinous rice is abluent immerse 21000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall after the hour, mix a few oil and salt reserve.

What do the practice of lean lean zhongzi and burden have?

3. ormosia, earthnut immerses 6 hours above, in joining polished glutinous rice, mix divide evenly.

4. Zong leaf is cut go both ends, prepare all appliance.

5. steaky porkFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Cut big to use unripe smoke, often smoke, pink of cooking wine, white sugar, Chinese prickly ash shifts to an earlier date with pink of a few the five spices souse one late tasty, the salted grease with 20 minutes of redundant purify is boiled after ham is abluent, cut chunk.

What do the practice of lean lean zhongzi and burden have?

6. takes Zong Xie Juan, put polished glutinous rice first, put steaky pork and ham again, put full polished glutinous rice again, the way that likes by oneself and appearance wrap a zhongzi.

After 7. has been wrapped entirely, put into caldron, add sufficient the cold water that has done not have a zhongzi, a fine-toothed comb is built above (the sort of) of removed layer in a pot for steaming food, press a small dish again, the boiler on the lid is builtShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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After big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn small fire boils left and right sides of about 3 hours.

Cooking skill

Him basis of polished glutinous rice likes Jiabujia salt, unripe smoke and oil goes. Legume had better immerse 6 hours above. The flavour souse that steaky pork can like according to oneself, shift to an earlier date one late souse more tasty. Ham flesh is very salty, can boil first, take out a few salinity. Fine-toothed comb of boiler internal pressure and small dish are the zhongzi in be boiled process won’t excessive roll, avoid to boil medicinal powder. The Zong that boilLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Child time is adjusted with how much according to the size of the zhongzi.

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