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The practice of violet potato has a lot of, some closer year come a lot of people like to eat violet potato, this is the nutrient value because of it really very tall, in disease of precautionary heart and vessels, raise immune force respect to be able to produce very good result, have fight consenescence and the action that defend cancer to fight cancer, the way is opposite not difficult also, can congee of make it violet potato, balsam pear of make it violet potato is encircled, crisp perhaps cake, violet potato cake is waited a moment.

What is practice of 6 when learn easily simply violet potato

1, the simplest violet potato congee

Feed capable person: 100g violet potato, right amount rice, right amount clear water

What is practice of 6 when learn easily simply violet potato

Practice: Flay of 1) violet potato, cut Xiaoding. 2) joins a few rice, abluent, pan is clean. 3) adds clear water. 4) open power source, 20 minutes or so, violet potato congee has been done!

2, circle of violet potato balsam pear

Feed capable person: 150g balsam pear, 200g violet potato, right amount honey, right amount salt

What is practice of 6 when learn easily simply violet potato

Practice: 1) raw material: Balsam pear, violet potato, honey. Flay of 2) violet potato cuts small, balsam pear is abluent;3) is violet potato piece is put last in bag, sprinkle a bit water, microwave oven of high internal heat turns 3 minutes;4) microwave oven turns ripe violet potato piece drench next by broken; with ladle honey, agitate becomes slimy 5) balsam pear equably abluent go both ends, cut two paragraphs, a few salt is joined after the water in sufferring from flesh 6) boiler with chopstick take out leaves, water of balsam pear scald the fish out after 45 minutes, the balsam pear with good scald rushs with cold water cool. Mud of violet potato of the cram in 7) past balsam pear, impaction fact. 8) section is installed dish can.

3, cake of heart form violet potato

Feed capable person: Milk of 500g violet potato, 40gA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
, condensed milk of white sugar of 50g settleclear face, 30g starch, 45g, 20g

Practice: 1) pachyrhizus flay, a pot for steaming food turns on the water, its evaporate is ripe. 2) takes the advantage of violet potato heat to be taken out put inside the bowl. Take the advantage of heat, put into settleclear face, amylaceous, white sugar, condensed milk to mixNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Milk 3) is pounded forcibly with rolling pole, its and divide evenly, till do not have grain, pound piece agglutinant. 4) takes a small violet potato, become pellet with rub of the centre of the palm. Squash of the centre of the palm of 5) reoccupy both hands, one aspect of the matter holds pointed part. 6) uses a chopstick above press, come out the coping of heart form. 7) was become. 8) bakes dish of shop oilpaper or linoleum, its the code is being baked dish inside. Oven warm-up, 200 degrees 5 minutes, turn again 180 degrees, 15 minutes can.

4, cake of violet potato yoghurt coils

Feed capable person: 75g is 220g egg, fine pink of candy of mud of violet potato of yoghurt of low pink of milk of butter of saccharic, 52g, 28g, 55g, 25g, 75g, 30g, right amount oil, right amount salt

Practice: 1) butter bate adds candy pink to be hit to suitable slippery hoar 2) to join agitate of violet potato mud even 3) joins yoghurt agitate to reserve equably 4) cake piece after been bake, take out bake dish of 5) to be encircled along 4 walls equalize with the penknife, make 4 walls are broken away from will bake dish of 6) dish buckle go up in oilpaper or air net, forcibly shake, cake piece can a piece of cake with the linoleum very orderly and perfect 8) that emergence 7) opens the surface piece finish, a bit also inverts without furrow 9) after coming over, the stuffing on the shop expects, furl after cold storage can section.

5, whip of violet potato egg

Feed capable person: A 2 white sugar of milk of weak butter of skin of 10 egg whip, 130ml, 90ml, 40g, yoke, entire egg, 100g is violet potato

Practice: Abluent flay cuts 1) violet potato to be put into small 2)Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
Microwave oven high internal heat is put to turn 3 minutes to in small dish become ripe 3) milk joins candy agitate even 4) to join yoke of even 5) of weak butter agitate and entire egg break up but the mix in dismissing 6) general weak butter and milk mixed liquor fall into egg fluid is even, the 20-25 that bake minute to exterior occurrence Jiao Ban can the whip of violet potato egg that 11) has baked is very inviting.

6, violet potato coco suckles sago dew

Feed capable person: Pure milk of oar of coco of 100g sago, 150g violet potato, 200ml, 200ml, right amount honey, right amount oil, right amount salt

Practice: Water is added in 1) boiler, after be being boiled, issue sago, boil 20 minutes or so. Old article ” double fruit sago is shown ” in how does solution of detailed having a plan boil sago. 2) is boiled at the same time, at the same time agitate one agitate. After 20 minutes, involve fire, stew of the cap on the lid 45 minutes. While 3) boils sago, flay of will violet potato cuts man, enter evaporate of a pot for steaming food ripe. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
4) sago submits transparent form, when there is small white spot among, scoop, rush below buy cold water. Have one boiler boiled water additionally, continue sago to boil 10 minutes or so, to completely transparent. The time of the sago that boil inspects the quantity of sago and decide, sago quantity should extend boiled time many times appropriately, increase water amount. Water is measured as far as possible a few more sufficient. I am used to centShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Change water twice to boil, compare won’t burnt boiler so, had boiled easily also. The underwater that 5) flows the sago buy that has boiled is strong, again drop goes redundant moisture. The violet potato with 6) ripe evaporate. 7) boiler is abluent, enter coconut oar and pure milk, mix even, heat. The quantity of milk and coconut oar can be adjusted at will. I like to use pure milk and coconut starch, sweet some thicker. 8) adds the violet potato man with the sago that has boiled, ripe evaporate, boil 2-3 together minute can. 9) is waited for lukewarm when transfer into right amount honey mixes divide evenly can.

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