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Sauce of garlic Chengdu pepper is one kind can join a variety of dish to taste also can treat as directly dip in a kind of dressing of makings, main with chili, the head of garlic still has sugar, water feed material to be machined together make, taste is to belong to sweet the sort of hot type, the flavour in adding any dish to taste can become very good.

What is the practice of garlic Chengdu sauce?

Practice one


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Chili 1, the head of garlic 1, saccharic 1 big spoon, oyster sauce 1 big spoon, soy creams 2 big spoon, water a few

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1. takes a bowl, ointment of saccharic, oyster sauce, sauce and water a mix is even.

2. heats up boiler, enter practice is the sauce of 1 boiled with small fire about 3? 5 minutes fill a bowl to sticky stiff shape.

3. chili, the head of garlic is abluent dissect end, again with course of action the sauce of 2 mixes together divide evenly can.

What is the practice of garlic Chengdu sauce?

Practice 2

With makings 

Fresh garlic 10 first

Salt two spoon

Candy partly spoon

The plant is oily right amount

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Contain the method of garlic Chengdu sauce 

The garlic that buys pares, pare the skin enters the water after end of cut away head abluent and stand-by. Here introduces a small doohickey, I this is bought off-the-peg garlic piece need not pare, the friend that is afraid of a trouble is OK end of head of garlic valve cut away hind, look for two euqally big basins, after putting garlic piece, buckle rise to be controlled up and down shake, shake the skin was dropped with respect to all a little while.

The garlic drop that washs clean works, with kitchen paper blot moisture hind reserves.

In the container that the friend that does not know to want how to much do resembles putting garlic piece you to want to be filled so, full quantity of is advisable.

Use namely next press garlic implement ~ of the cough up that press garlic did not press garlic implement if can him chop, perhaps hit with mixer also go. Every press garlic valve to put agitate of a few salt partly even. Additionally the basin wantsFall in love with the sea

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Abluent wipe water, scarcely can have water to be able to affect the expiration period otherwise.

The salt that remain and sugar are put after garlic valve is pressed entirely, agitate comes for some time case stick till, place its quarter left and right sides. The end that puts salt is to let garlic give water, after making sauce so more tasty, putting sugar is to carry delicacy, what do not like is OK need not put.

After setting period of time, it is OK to have a water like such brims.

Oil falls to burn heat in boiler, the sunflower seed that I use oil is oily, common salad oil is OK also. Because oil wants cent second irrigate can pour a few oil less every time so.

Irrigate oil after the smoke since the boiler that wait for oil go up in garlic Chengdu, when irrigating, want a bit slower, irrigate the part that will not cast with the chopstick at the same time to break up at the same time, meet otherwise the garlic Chengdu stratosphere is sear, till oily in a way has overflowed garlic Chengdu,repeat a few times more so till.

Wait for refrigeration to come after room temperature its bottle, success!

Xiao stick person

The household utensils of feign ignorance Chengdu and basin answer abluent wipe moisture, bottle hind puts freezer cold storage, put a half an year to be no problem commonly, but best as early as possible edible.

What is the practice of garlic Chengdu sauce?

Practice 3

Feed capable person

Advocate onion of makings garlic 1000g white sugar of a complementary makings is right amount pepper is right amount redA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Soy is right amount gallinaceous essence is right amount right amount Jiang Kuo measures oily right amount salt


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1. prepares to feed capable person, garlic, onion cuts into shreds, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Ginger cuts into shreds, red soy, white sugar, pepper, salt, gallinaceous essence

2. becomes garlic with knife chop little grain,

Oil is burned in 3. boiler 5 into heat, put Jiang Si, fly into rage of onion silk slow fire [oil wants many a little bit]

It is OK that blast of 4. onion silk makes small yellow

5. fish out accuses oil, oil leaves boiler li

6. is entering garlic grain, slow fire is fried

7. puts red soy, add salt to break up fry, want slow fire to fry all the time, want ceaseless shovel to move, burnt boiler mouthfeel is otherwise bad, it is OK to fry 7 minutes or so

8. is fried make small Huang Chuxiang flavour, putting white sugar, pepper, gallinaceous essence, flavor

9. fries the grain that make garlic soft sodden can involve fire, be in cool cold,

10. can be enjoyed finally,

11. installs the garlic Chengdu sauce with cold air in vitreous bottle, also can put freezer.

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