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The nourishing beautiful that donkey-hide gelatin is a kind of tradition is tasted, basically produce at Shandong east A county, it is the skill that improves through inheritance of a few chiliad. The nutrient value of donkey-hide gelatin is very high, very outstanding to the effect of blood of woman filling energy of life. And as people is right in recent years nourishing the innovation that feeds capable person is used, more and more donkey-hide gelatin eat law emerge in large numbers to come out, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Donkey-hide gelatin cake looks to eat a law below?

How does donkey-hide gelatin cake eat a law?

Of donkey-hide gelatin cake take a method

1, the method that takes donkey-hide gelatin cake correctly is to eat everyday 3 go to 5, cannot feed more. Autumn winter season needs to be taken continuously, gross is in 1000 grams – between 2000 grams, hold to the effect all the year round optimal.

2, take time: Study a proof according to the expert: Donkey-hide gelatin cake takes the effect with dinner hind before breakfast optimal. Donkey-hide gelatin cake eats before breakfast, at that time metabolism is fasterShanghai Long Feng forum

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Moment, eating donkey-hide gelatin cake at that time is the absorption that can make the body fast the nutrition of donkey-hide gelatin cake, have the effect that enrich the blood. And donkey-hide gelatin cake eats after dinner, because wanted to sleep on dinner wheeler,be, it is the skin when absorbing nutrition, such, the skin is affected with respect to OK and very good absorption, achieve hairdressing to raise colour the effect1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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. General and hollow take be helpful for absorbing. When dining, can take, if intestines and stomach feels uncomfortable, meal hind is taken one hour.

How does donkey-hide gelatin cake eat a law?

3, the crowd with hot body as far as possible little take donkey-hide gelatin cake, go to two everyday, water should be drunk more when taking, if have,harmful response should stop to take instantly namely.

4, the woman comes donkey-hide gelatin had better not be taken when official holidayShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Cake, because donkey-hide gelatin cake takes the advantage after been feed at issueing blood, hematic quantity can increase. The woman that has uterine flesh tumor carefulShanghai Long Feng forum

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Take. The man suffers from prostatitis careful take.

How does donkey-hide gelatin cake eat a law?

5, during taking donkey-hide gelatin cakeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Liquor of not easy edible. Because walnut sex is hot, feed unripe phlegmy get angry more, and liquor also belongs to Gan Xin to be heated up greatly, both is fed together, send hematic heat easily.

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